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De-composed Self Portrait  

The De-composed Self-portrait is about the artist collecting fragments of elements that forms “her”; the possibility of “leaving” and “entering”; the continuous thinking of her current position and future placement.

The series along side with some drawings and printmaking works were exhibited in Ray's Solo exhibition: A Strolling Person at Atmosphere in Tainan, Taiwan, 2023.

About A Strolling Person:

A Strolling Person is one of the double solo exhibition held by Atmosphere in Tainan Taiwan. The exhibition contains series of works created by Ray Tsou during 2019-2020 , the pandemic period in New York, USA, along with some related drawings and copper-etching works.

"De-composed Self-portrait " is a series of artworks. The genesis of the series originates from the constantly flashing compositional images in the artist's mind. Tsou engage with the progression of time and conversing with different phases of herself. Through continuous exploration to find a place to "settle" herself in the present and future, she ultimately realizing that perhaps the process is the outcome.

De-composed Self-portrait- Function
De-composed Self-Portrait: Music  Medium: Acrylic and oil Dimensions: 30" x 20" Date: 2020
Exhibition shots. Solo exhibition: A Strolling Person, Atmosphere, Tainan, Taiwan
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