Ray (Tsung-Jui) Tsou is a Taiwanese visual and performance artist. She holds a B.F.A in Acting from Taipei National University of the Arts. She experiments with various mediums, such as painting, textile art, photography, dance, and the performing arts. Her work examines and investigates the synthetization and transformation between language, visual communication, and physical movement. 

Artist Statement

Through my continuous exploration of many different mediums and techniques of art, I would like to objectify and visualize the movement of feelings and emotions. My background in acting formulizes the way I approach the psychological world. I aim to explore human minds by revealing myself and my subconscious. My work contains private, unfiltered materials from my past and present, such as notes from the everyday, dreams, and emotion memories. By taking myself as a reference in my work, I attempt to open dialogues about mental movement, self-awareness, and the natural-truth in humanity.

By revealing my reality through art, I explore the empathy and collective subconscious in and between each human being, as I am one human co-existing with the viewers. 

I regard my art as a process of weaving subconsciousness into a visual language to communicate and meditate with my inner-self and the rest that exists.

Experience Highlights

After Ray Tsou graduated from high school as a fine art experimental course student in 2013, she started her exploration in performance art while she followed the visual art path. She entered Taipei National University of the Arts to study Acting. In 2015, she finished a term of acting courses for an exchange program at Art University Bournemouth, United Kingdom. After this experience, she returned to Taiwan to finish her acting studies and started to perform as a freelance actress until 2019. She had worked with companies including Voleur du Feu Theatre, Anarchy dance theatre, BIU theatre, Thatalright Art Space, and Godot ArtAssociation. Besides her acting career, she has also participated in international workshops such as Centre National de la Danse CN D Camping in Paris, and The daCi World Congress in Copenhagen to continue her professional practice in dancing and conceptual art.


After moving to New York at the end of 2019, Ray studied at The Art Student League of New York and became a league member. Her work had been selected to be in the league’s juried online exhibition Life Under the Pandemic Moon, and Exhibition Outreach: Primavera in ChaShaMa Space. In June 2021, she collaborated with the artist agency ArtsBerry and was featured in their event The Asian Voice. The Artist Interview, which was an element of the event, was published on Cision PR Newswire and ArtsBerry’s website. 

Born in 1994 in Taiwan, Ray Tsou currently lives and works in New York.


March        2022        Artist on Exhibit, Student Salon, The Art Student League of New York

April-June    2021        Artist on Exhibit,Exhibition Outreach: Primavera, The Art Student League of New York

May-July     2020        Artist on Exhibit,Life Under the Pandemic Moon, The Art Student League of New York

​July            2019        Performing Artist, Art! SMR Intimate cooking session, Thatalright Art Space