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Conversations with here you me & them Vol.1 - 
Why all my legs feels like really craved love sick
Ceramic, acrylic, crochet, embroidery 

35” x 40” x 20”


This is the first piece from the sculpture series "Conversations with here you me & them." The work contains small-scale ceramic sculptures and organic shaped crochet created by the artist from an unconscious and unplanned process, and text from an unconscious writing exercise (from movement artist Sigrid Lauren's "How to throw a body away" workshop) embroidered on the crocheted fabric. Through gentle, semi-abstract visual elements, text, and architectural structures, Tsou attempts to piece together seemingly scattered and random lines and symbolic symbols, showcasing a miniature, surreal world generated by the subconscious through visual and textual products, manifesting the flow of  desires, intuitions, and illusion.

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