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De-composed Self Portrait  

The De-composed Self-portrait is about the artist collecting fragments of elements that forms “her”; the possibility of “leaving” and “entering”; the continuous thinking of her current position and future placement.

2020 was an absurd year. For me that year did not stir too much up in my life. Instead, it amplified how I have always been feeling. I moved to New York not only to explore the art world in this big city, but also to find a peace of mind as a person. 2020 blocked me from all of the distraction in the city. It blanked my schedule and forced me to face myself. The de-composed self-portrait series is me collecting fragments of what forms me and what position should I be in. Even though I felt lonely and uncertain when I created this series, I felt a sense of sprouting and hope looking back at it. I guess it is the power of looking back, we can clarify what was going on and ready to move on to a new season.

De-composed Self-Portrait: Nude

Medium: Acrylic and oil

Dimensions: 48"x 22" 

Date: 2020

De-composed Self-Portrait: Identity

Medium: Acrylic and oil

Dimensions: 30" x 30"

Date: 2020