After I started to develop the work, I discovered more interesting concepts from using words as material for abstract visuals. Before language was invented by humans, images and symbols were the way of communication. Since hieroglyph was a language that was transformed from images, I realized my decision of using the line of words to make abstract images, might be a way to push language further into visuals. Mankind developed image to language. Even though the ways of communication continue to get more complicated and accurate, we still have so many miscommunications when using languages. The fact that definition of abstraction is: a conceptual process where general rules and concepts are derived from the usage and classification of specific examples, literal signifiers, first principles, or other methods. Since abstracting is the process of extracting true meaning from literal things, it might be representing a most honest and direct way of communication.



Ray Tsou_I want to grow flowers on your wounds_2020_Muslin, Embriodery thread__49_x30__72.

I want to grow flowers on your wounds

Medium: Embroidery thread on muslin

Dimensions: 28" x 48"

Date: 2020

Sex, love, and rock n roll

Medium: Embroidery thread on rice paper

Dimensions: 20" x 33"

Date: 2022