IMG_2204 拷貝.jpg

​畫畫(Paint Paint)

Medium: Embroidery thread on mesh

Dimensions: 20" x 36"

Date: 2022

This project started with the title of another project I want to grow flowers on your wounds. I realized the title is powerful enough to be the work itself. As a bilingual person living in the United States and working with a second language, I am experiencing two languages, the visuals linked with the languages, and the cultural difference behind the languages constantly switching and translating between one another in my brain every second. The anxious feeling of having different communication forms running in my head at high-speed all at the same time makes me want to focus on the essence and true nature of language and communication. With the time-intensive labor nature of embroidery, I am not only trying to slow things down,but also, I am trying to ruminate the importance of words. I aim to use the energy from the abstract visual dimension to grasp the words and stop them from elapsing with time. While contemplatingon the essence of language, I am also trying to detach the language and explore and reach the essence of communication.


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IMG_2207 拷貝.jpg

畫畫(Paint Paint)Detail